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The Full Circle

It’s Never Too Late for a Second Chance

By January 31, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments

Ernesto, Second Chance 2 beneficiary

ERNESTO IS A MAN OF GREAT FAITH, a dedicated and loving father, and a loyal employee. But just a few years ago, that was not the case. Ernesto was struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. But Ernesto chose the long and, at times, difficult road of recovery. Today, thanks to donors like you, Ernesto enjoys more independence than ever because of the Second Chance Foundation.

From Plainview, Texas, Ernesto originally came to Amarillo to go to ARAD – Amarillo Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol. He completed the program and returned to Plainview. Within two months, Ernesto relapsed. But this time, having experienced sobriety before, he knew he did not want that type of life for himself. “So I hit the ground, and I asked God to help me,” he says.

He reached out to his mentor and came back to Amarillo to complete the ARAD program once again. Since that time, Ernesto has dedicated himself to work through the appropriate programs that have helped him become successful in his journey to recovery. 

“So I hit the ground, and I asked God to help me.”

He recently completed his final phase at Another Chance House and credits their guidance to assisting in his success. During his stay at Another Chance House, he began working for Tom and Judy Fields at Tom’s Appliance. Tom and Judy have given Ernesto their full support, becoming like family to him. He also worked to earn a driver’s license, having never had one before. 

Soon after becoming a licensed driver, Ernesto was given the opportunity to apply for a vehicle grant from Second Chance. He was overjoyed to be awarded a grant and was able to shop for a car. The kind people at Street Toyota helped him to find the perfect fit.

“When I got into my car after they told me I could take it, I just cried. I can go see my children now.” Ernesto values his relationships with his children and grandchildren and spends as much time as he can with them. This would not be possible without donors like you.  “This car also helps me to get to work and back. I thank y’all with all my heart for the funds you gave me for a vehicle.”

Ernesto with his vehicle provided by Second Chance 2

Ernesto with his daughters and grandchildren

“I can go see my children now.”

Today, Ernesto has been clean and sober for over two years and recently graduated from Another Chance House. He takes excellent care of his car and is proud to drive it every day. Thank you for giving Ernesto a second chance.

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