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At All Cost

By June 17, 2024No Comments

Steve Cost went out for what he thought would simply be an enjoyable night of hearing local musicians… but the night proved to have a life-long impact.

Some events in life seem destined to be. On a fall evening in 2017, Steve Cost, a local artist and professor, was hosting an open studio for the First Friday Art Walk at Sunset Center. His friend Dean Yates, a guitarist and singer with the band Insufficient Funds, handed him a ticket to the Friends of Fogelberg Concert scheduled for the following week. Steve accepted his friend’s invitation, but little did he know, this concert would set him on a path that would ultimately save his life.

The concert, featuring some of Amarillo’s finest bands, was more than just an evening of great music; it was a rallying call in the fight against prostate cancer. Throughout the event, Joe Ed Coffman and others repeatedly announced from the stage that a free PSA screening test would be available the following morning. This message struck a chord. Inspired by the story of Dan Fogelberg’s death from prostate cancer, Steve decided to take action and attended the free screening – a simple blood test– the very next day.

A month later, he received a call from the Amarillo Urology Associates Clinic, requesting a consultation with Dr. Wilkerson based on his initial screening results. By May of 2018, another PSA test confirmed the presence of advanced prostate cancer. Dr. Wilhelm, a surgeon at Amarillo Urology Associates, laid out the treatment options, and the decision was made to proceed with radical prostate removal surgery. Given his diabetes, Dr. Wilhelm recommended a cardiologist’s evaluation to ensure Steve’s heart could withstand the surgery. Tests revealed the need for a stent, which his doctor successfully placed. By November 2018, the prostate surgery was successfully completed. Within one year of attending the Friends of Fogelberg Concert, Steve had not only caught and treated prostate cancer, but also was made aware of another potentially life-threatening health condition which he was able to proactively correct. Regular check-ups with his cardiologist have kept his heart in good health, and under Dr. Wilhelm’s care, Steve has remained cancer-free since the surgery.

Steve’s journey underscores the importance of regular PSA tests for men, a message Steve passionately shares. Today, he continues the fight against prostate cancer by talking about his journey and encouraging others to be diligent when it comes to their health. He gives back by co-hosting Friends of Fogelberg, the concert where this journey began. Steve also created caricatures of Dan Fogelberg and sold them at last year’s concert – donating a portion of the proceeds to the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation. Steve reminds us of the importance of advocating for yourself and taking advantage of cancer screenings of all types. Without YOUR loyal donations, Steve’s journey may have gone differently. Thank you for making a difference in Steve’s life!

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