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How HCHF supports the community during COVID-19

By May 22, 2020October 27th, 2020No Comments

Harnessing the Power of Connection During an Unprecedented Time.

Dedicated to Health. Committed to Community. These 6 words make up HCHF’s tagline. Not only do they perfectly describe what the Foundation is about, but express our thoughts during this pandemic. HCHF is here for our clients and the health providers in our community. The Foundation Staff has been focused on delivering programs and providing resources in the safest, most uninterrupted manner possible to cancer survivors, sick kids, and hospice patients. A life-threatening illness already puts a strain on one’s resources and is only heightened with the effects of COVID-19. We know our clients are going to need more during this time, and we stand ready to provide more.

Navigating uncertain times has encouraged us to think outside the box. I hope reading about the ways HCHF has been able to reach our clients, support oncology providers, and help provide medical care to vulnerable populations will bring you hope during this time of hardship. We hope to see our loyal supporters, grantees and the individuals we serve soon. Until then, stay safe and healthy, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any ideas or needs.

-Gainor Davis, Executive Director

COVID -19 Community Grants

In the last few months, our attention has been consumed with how COVID-19 has impacted our nation, state, and local communities. Yes, we have been hit hard. Our cases continued to rise. Businesses closed their doors. People felt the weight of isolation. However, in typical Texas Panhandle fashion, the good over shines the hardship. With the ongoing support of donors, HCHF was able to provide grants to local organizations allowing them to provide important resources for local residents.

Heal the City

Now, more than ever, HCHF is proud to continue our support of Heal the City Free Clinic. This $50,000 grant of emergency funding allows HTC to provide healthcare to uninsured individuals in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Moore County Hospital District

$32,000 grant to optimize Moore County Hospital District’s responsiveness to current and potential patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds were used to purchase air filters and portable ventilators to better equip ambulances and for use in the hospital.

“Most individuals are experiencing a greater sense of isolation, uncertainty, and loss during this pandemic. Ongoing uncertainty and lack of stability can be traumatizing as it impacts our functioning over time. We are in a crisis. Our first line of defense against any threat is social support. When things feel uncertain we look for safe people. We know based on the research that safe, human connection is the most powerful factor in increasing resilience. It is so important during this time that Survivors maintain connection. Connection may look different right now and we have to adjust our expectations, but it is imperative for our emotional, spiritual, and physical health. If we can take steps to connect in creative, nontraditional ways we can increase our resilience and use this time to grow.”

– Elizabeth Clark, MA, LPC-S

24 hours in the canyon.

The Survivorship Center has expanded!

The need for virtual options has made it possible for survivors near and far to take advantage of even more FREE resources.

  • Virtual Support Groups
  • Video Library
    • Gentle Yoga & Chair Yoga

    • Regaining Balance

    • Guided Meditation

    • Core Workout

    • Qigong & Tai Chi

    • And so many more!

Local Oncology Impact 2019

Support from donors, just like YOU, makes life better for local cancer patients. From the diagnosis, treatment, and navigation of life after cancer, YOU provide necessary, life-changing resources.

We need you! COVID-19 has caused a major increase in the need for:

  • Hotel Stays
  • ChemoCar Rides
  • Virtual Resources

With your support, cancer patients can get the help they need. learn more at &

A Note Of Gratitude

“My family and I would like to express a deep gratitude toward all the people at the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation for making a tremendous impact on the

financial burden my family faced while on my cancer journey. I believe that not only is God great, but that he sent all of you beautiful people to help a desperate family in our time of need. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have the Foundation care so much for not only us, but others in our surrounding area as well.

The amount of relief that comes with knowing that our bills would be paid and our gas money was taken care of; that you all made that happen is indescribable.

My successful journey would not have been possible without you all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Mr. Alton Rice | Stinnett, Texas

Mr. Rice and his daughter made countless trips to Amarillo for treatment. Individuals like Alton must continue their treatment despite the new challenges that COVID-19 created.

Why We Give

Bradley & Lynsie Herbert

Finding light in the darkest moments of cancer

Cancer has impacted our lives in such a big way that our involvement with 24 Hours in the Canyon is much more than simply volunteering time or money; it is a mission and purpose. After losing both of Lynsie’s parents to cancer, and then hearing about the program being started for childhood survivors, we reached out to Ryan Parnell, Director of 24 Hours in the Canyon, expressing the desire to get involved beyond fundraising for and competing in the yearly event. This led to much discussion and ultimately feeling like it was truly time to take the next step. We joined the 24:00 committee in 2016. Since then, our involvement has only grown. Continuing to deal with more and more family members diagnosed with cancer has only cemented our mission. We have experienced both the darkest moments cancer can bring upon our family with the loss of multiple battles and the brightest shining stars seen when recently both our brother in law and Bradley’s father beat it against all odds. Our only hope is that our small contributions will provide a glimmer of light to, and ease the suffering of those the Survivorship Center serves. While we don’t expect to change the world, we do pray that we can make this world a brighter place for some.

Coming Up

Volunteer | Participate | Donate

  • August 13: Women’s Circle Membership Luncheon
  • August 29-30: 24 Hours in the Canyon Bike Race
  • September 19: Our Colors Run Together 5k/1-Mile Walk
  • September 28: Start of CMN Miracle Week
  • September 29: CMN Mediathon
  • October 2: CMN Corn Hole Tournament


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